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 I lead workshops on building self-esteem, journal writing, and developing skills for spiritual growth.

  • Building community in your own backyard
  • Journal writing for health and wellness
  • Skills for personal growth
  • The many paths of self-esteem


Chaplaincy is the ministry of presence, and its purpose is to provide a forum for listening as an individual expresses him or herself, especially in times of crisis, trauma, ongoing dissatisfaction, and joys and victories in life. Pastoral care provides acknowledgment and validation of an individual’s experience. It is a time-limited modality, and in most cases, it does not extend past six 50 minute sessions. The pastoral care experience can help individuals focus on their next actions and/or what meaning they have derived from a particular experience. I have completed two units of Clinical Pastoral Education, and I plan to complete two more in my journey to become a certified chaplain.   

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a companionship between the seeker and the spiritual director as the individual journeys in his or her relationship with the Divine. Many times, individuals seek Spiritual Direction as they are discerning what specific direction the Divine is sending them. The time frame for Spiritual Direction can be opened ended; however, for the best possible outcome, it is recommended the seeker have specific goals set for his or her process of Spiritual Direction. The scope and duration of the Spiritual Direction is set by the seeker.   

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Pulpit Supply

I can provide pulpit supply, which includes guest speaking and worship leading. I am also available to facilitate study groups on Our Chosen Faith, Building Your Own Theology, and Articulating Your UU Faith.

Life Event Officiating

Life Event Officiating is the celebration and/or commemoration of significant life events. These include interfaith baptism, infant and child dedication, weddings, civil unions, vow renewals, funerals, and memorial services. These services are designed with consultation and input from the participants. The goal of the life event ceremony is to make it meaningful and memorable for the individuals participating.